Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I contact the Highland Partners Charitable Fund?

Go to the Contact Us page, and submit whatever is on your mind. We’ll get back to you as soon as we have your answer.

Is the Highland Partners Charitable Fund the same organization as the Highland Street Connection?


What kinds of non-profit organizations does HPCF support?

HPCF supports many types of non-profit organizations in the areas of children and education, community support, environment, healthcare, individual empowerment and the arts.

Where does HPCF concentrate its philanthropy geographically?

Most of HPCF grants are focused in Massachusetts and California.

Does HPCF support organizations that aren’t not-for-profit?

All of HPCF grant recipients are required to be qualified 501c3 organizations and in good standing with verifiable tax-id numbers.

Does HPCF administer programs?

HPCF is set up and experienced at running programs that support non-profit objectives.

Does HPCF partner with other non-profit grantmaking organizations?

HPCF’s partners include both 501c3 non-profit operating organizations and 501c3 grantmaking organizations, and we have the capabilities to oversee more complicated programs wherever the opportunities are.